Reiki Touch


My name is Wesley Faber, I am the founder of Reiki Touch. I started giving Reiki treatments to friends in 2012 when I first discovered this amazing power granted by the universe. As a sceptical guy from the east of the country, I could not believe the impact Reiki had on my life. I was struggling with insomnia and as a result would have gigantic mood swings. I had visited doctor and sleeping-centers without succes.

After my first Reiki attunement, I was able to sleep within 15 minutes! Astounished by the effect it had had on my life, I decided to buy a treatment table and started treating my friends and family members alike. Intrigued by this simple, yet powerful technique I decided to go all out! I signed up for another attunement which would allow me to be able to treat people from a distance and help them with mental issues.

Soon I could feel my powers and intuition grow. I moved to Spain and was offered a position as Reiki Practicioner at the Center of Malaga in a beautiful nail salon. My clients have come to know me as a kind, loving and tender person with the ability to give love through my hands.

I could feel pain in the hands of my clients and would sometimes send them to a doctor if the pain would feel inbearable (one of my clients had a bursa inflamation which she didn’t know of untill I told her to go to the GP). Some of my clients would cry during the sessions because of the energy that flows through the body and needs to exit. Some of them would describe the experience as very relaxing as if they were on a cloud.

This year I have started a Reiki Master course which allows me to give Reiki attunements for the people that would love to practice Reiki aswell.

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